Cooking Fish — Let Us Count the World’s Ways: Africa

It’s Lent. That means fish to a lot of people, even today, despite the relaxed rules of the Church.

Fish Sticks

But how to cook fish? How to get past Mrs. Gorton’s Fish Sticks? Many, many ways.

Let’s look at what people around the world do to get fish from the seas, rivers, and lakes from their pots and pans to their mouths, starting with Africa:*

Accra, Ghana
Sierra Leone
Agadir, Morocco
South Africa

*For more on African food, see Fran Osseo-Asare’s magnificent blog about cooking in Africa, chiefly Ghana. See also my series of articles on flavor principles found in African cuisine, including “Out of Africa: A Fish Tale.”


  1. I’ve often thought fish just doesn’t get enough credit. I know history tells us bread is the staff of life but I’ve always thought fish deserves a plateau of its very own. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia.


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