Online Historical Cookbooks

Except for a few exceptions, most of the following resources include a large collection of links to digitized cookbooks or other materials.

18th-Century Cookbooks and Recipes

19th- & 20th- Century Cookbooks

Advertising Cookbooks from Duke University Collections

Beatrice McIntosh Collection (University of Massachusetts, some digitized recipes)

Canadian Cookbooks Online

Chest of Books

Chicone Citrus Label Collection, University of Florida

Community Cookbooks (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana)

Community Cookbooks (Iowa State)

Cookbook Digital Archive – Texas Woman’s University

Cookbook Finder (WorldCat, bibliographical database with indications if books are available online or in e-book form)

Cookbooks and Home Economics

Core Historical Literature Of Agriculture (Cornell)

Corpus of Culinary & Dietetic texts of Europe from the Middle Ages to 1800 (Thomas Gloning) 

Cuban Cookbook from 1857 (University of Miami)

Digital Book Index (historical cookbooks)

The Digital Librarian: Libraries, Archives, Digital Collections

Digitized Rare Books (Virginia Tech, mostly culinary) and History of Food & Drink Manuscript Collections

Early English Books Online (subscription only for full-text)

Escoffier’s A Guide to Modern Cookery

Feeding America

Folger Shakespeare Library, Digitized Receipt Books and Culinary Manuscripts

Fons Grewe (site in Catalan, 5000 titles in all, University of Barcelona)

Food History Bibliography

Gallica (from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France)

Gastronomy Books: From the Library of Congress

Gloning’s Bibliographical Notes on Cookery, Wine, Beer, Etc. (Geographical sections)

Glossary of English Culinary Terms

Google Books

HathiTrust Digital Library

HEARTH: Home Economics Archive Research Tradition History (Cornell)

Hearth Cooking – America – 1800-Civil War

Historic Cookbooks Online (most from Google Books)

Internet Archive (tremendous collection of old culinary and home economics texts)

Lemoyne 19th- and 20th-Century Cookbooks

Library of Congress Digitized Community Cookbooks (many from Internet Archive)

Manuscript Cookbooks Survey

Manuscripts and Cookery Books Medieval Europe

Medieval and Renaissance Food


National Agricultural Library Digital Collections

Nicola Di Bona Peterson Collection of Advertising Cookbooks (Duke University)

Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine (William Carew Hazlitt)

Online Books Page (University of Pennsylvania)

Online Cookbooks (medieval texts)

Online Culinary History Network

PALLM Collection (Florida University Libraries, cookbooks related to Florida cooking)

Professor Martha Carlin’s Site: Culinary Texts 

Project Gutenberg: Cookery Bookshelf

Savoring the Past: 18th and Early Nineteenth Century Cookbooks: Searchable and Free

Service Through Sponge Cake (community cookbooks from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)

Szathmary Recipe Pamphlet Collection

University of Iowa, Szathmary Culinary Manuscripts and Cookbooks

University of North Texas, USDA Farmers’ Bulletins

University of Texas San Antonio Mexican Cookbook Collection

Utah State University Digitized Cookbooks

Vintage Cookbooks

Wellcome Digitized Books Online

WorldCat Cookbook Finder

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