Celebrate Colonial American Cooking: Cookbooks for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Monticello (Used with permission.)
Monticello (Used with permission.)

Want to celebrate American food history and ingenuity this year? The great state of Virginia gave birth to eight U.S. presidents — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson. And they all liked to eat, some more than others. In fact, Thomas Jefferson still claims the title of being the most gourmet-minded of the lot.

Colonial-style Kitchen (Used with permission.)
Colonial-style Kitchen (Used with permission.)

The following books will help you greatly in planning meals, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners if you decide on a colonial menu or theme. Right now this bibliography leans heavily toward Virginia and the English cookbooks brought to the New World by the first colonialists. (Note that I’ve indicated where some of the books are available in full text online; come back often because more may be added as time goes by.)

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Daniel farrell)
Shirley Plantation, Virginia (Photo credit: Daniel farrell)

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Mount Vernon, Virginia (Used with permission.)
Mount Vernon, Virginia (Used with permission.)

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Berkeley Plantation, Virginia (Used with permission.)
Berkeley Plantation, Virginia (Used with permission.)

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Virginia Travis)
George Washington Birthplace Kitchen (Photo credit: Virginia Travis)

Wright, Louis B. The Cultural Life of the American Colonies, 1607-1763. 1957.

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