For French Cooks Who …

have everything – or nearly everything – in their batterie de cuisine.

Turbotière, for cooking, well, turbots. Available, the pan, that is, at E. DEHILLERIN in Paris ( 18 et 20, rue Coquillière – 51, rue Jean- Jacques Rousseau, 1st arrondissement) for the princely sum of nearly 570 euros ($826.25).

Considering the size of turbots, the price shouldn’t surprise you too much.

Chris Martin holding 25-pound turbot (Photo credit: Bryan Davis)

And here’s an old pan for the same purpose, for comparison.

5 thoughts on “For French Cooks Who …

  1. I HEART E. DEHILLERIN! Great shop. Always visit when I’m in Paris. Not sure I’ll be adding a turbotiere to my wish list but plenty of other things I’d like to buy.

    Sounds/looks like your trip is going very well!?

  2. Thanks, Katie. Finding out abut how people managed their kitchen lives renders up a lot of fascinating material. The thing of it is, many people with means never cooked or even stepped into the kitchen. And the people who did all the work rarely left written records, so material culture (like the turbot pan) helps a lot. Again, your photos inspire me to learn more and more about photography.

  3. Wow, talk about the other half, I mean, the 1%! Was reading about hoecake in America Eats this weekend, and reflecting on baking on an open fire on the handle of a hoe. Not only a different time, a different universe!

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