Lavender, France’s Balm for the Soul

Photo credit: Bitter Jeweler

The lavender lingers on my sloping hillside, autumn rain running in rivulets between the dying leaves.

Photo credit: Silva Azniv

At summer’s peak, the purple flowers tantalized the bees and butterflies and me, the glorious scent perfuming the air of evening and morning both.

Photo credit: Marie M.

No lambs frolicked in the lavender this year, but maybe someday a friend’s weanlings will lie in the hot sun, their tails flicking, noses pressed to the mauve blossoms, savoring the taste of this ancient nard.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Weller

Like the lambs, I the cook nibble the petals,  stripping the stems with my teeth. For some more regal specimens, destiny calls and shows the way: their fate rests in … Madeleines. (Try this recipe from LA Magazine.)

Photo credit: crayonmonkey

[Once again, I must thank the marvelous photographers over at Flickr who share their photos via a Creative Commons license. What a pleasure it is to look at these glimpses into the beauty of our world,  out there for us to see every day. Note: I just bought a new “real” camera and hope to share more of my own photos here soon. Must warn you, though, that my learning curve is a bit steep after being basically a “point-and-shoot” kinda photographer for so long.]