Angelina’s Hot Chocolate

Photo credit: Leon Brocard

For anyone who’s walked through Paris on a rainy winter day, the cold wind whipping your coat about your knees, your umbrella suddenly quitting on you. Drenched, you find yourself on the Rue de Rivoli, making for Angelina’s tea room. You walk through the crowds of tourists, hoping you look as French as those ladies sitting along the wall, their proper black suits and pearls just so.

You sit at the small round table that your waitress points to with her chin, and say, in your best French, “Merci, mamselle.”

The aroma of chocolate and the palpable ecstasy in the air cause you taste buds to quiver in anticipation. You order Angelina’s house special. Hot chocolate, of course.

angelinasWhen the waitress sets the chocolate down in front of you, foaming and spoon-thick in a pristine white pitcher, you pour it into a tall white porcelain cup and bring the cup to your lips.  And you’re glad you’re sitting down. Swooning comes to mind, so rich and luscious is this miraculous confection. Images of Bernini’s St. Teresa flutter behind your closed eyelids.

For more about hot chocolate and Angelina’s recipe, take a quick trip to Paris via What’s Cooking in America. There you’ll find the recipe and a wonderfully detailed history of hot chocolate. (Scroll down and keep looking on the left side of the page.)

Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila
Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila

[Note: I will be tied up with family arrangements for the next week or so; thus, blogs posts from now until then will necessarily be brief, but still with some sustenance. Until later,À bientôt!]

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