What is Bliss to Me is Not Bliss to You …

Sunrise from kitchen window rs

I woke this morning to fire in the sky, my kitchen windows portals to the universe. The knowing hit me: this is bliss, to see, to know, to feel. To be alive, surrounded by a heart-throbbing beauty that really has no name.  Mother Earth shares this bliss with us and with every living creature. Home, as it were. But it is up to us to make sure that this bliss does not dissolve back into the seas or burn like a dead star.

Cooking elevates me into a state of bliss, and my vast numbers of cookbooks take me on journeys through time and space. Sheer bliss, with all my senses engaged, something I feel every day, not just at the beach or standing in the nave of a grand Gothic cathedral.

[Note:Today’s word/photo prompt is  “Bliss.”  I am doing a sort of photo challenge at WordPress.com to get back into photography, which has gone on the back burner since I’ve had so many vision issues.]

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