Curl Up with a Nice Food Blog …

The creativity, wit, and wisdom of food bloggers never ceases to amaze me. And so today, I simply must let you know about some new, to me anyway, blogs (and bloggers) that I’ve run across lately.

Here are two that provide gorgeous pictures, along with commentary and a bit of food history:

An English Kitchen,” by the author of “Joanna’s Food,” documents cooking in a country house in England:

I have a huge collection of cookery books, and have recently started collecting 18th and 19th century recipe books. I can’t afford decent copies, so I buy them in terrible condition and have them rebound, mostly in whacky colours. Cookery writers I enjoy include Geraldene Holt, Patience Gray, Elisabeth Luard, Mary Contini, Richard Mabey, the Taruschio’s, Andrew Whitley, Jane Grigson, Fergus Henderson. Since cookery is bound up with ingredients, I should also add some kitchen gardeners: Charles Dowding, Joy Larkcom, Sarah Raven, Christopher Lloyd. A great many of these authors’ books have very few photographs, and I love the line drawings & prints they frequently contain.

And from Bozena, a textile artist in Poland, comes Textile Cuisine, which takes inspiration from food and cookbooks:

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  1. GREAT finds Cynthia. I will definitely be checking them out. It’s funny you mention the creativity and dedication of the food blogging world. I was up half the night thinking about how cool it would be if someone published a book of selected food blog posts. I don’t think food bloggers get the acknowledgment they deserve. Other niche blogs seem to make the news but food blogging may not be able to compete with Food TV. which btw, I’m not liking much these days with the exception of Alton Brown whom I adore:)

    Thanks for sharing, Cynthia…

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