Arab Food and Cuisine — Inspirations

Communal Eating (Used with permission.)
Communal Eating, Women's Work (Used with permission.)

Cooking in the Arab world, in general, adheres to one of the most healthful food patterns on earth, probably healthier in many ways than the Mediterranean model (and that is the stuff of a special future post). The freshest food, the most beautiful colors, the greatest imagination in wielding the pan, this is what the food of the Middle East offers.

Carrying Wood, Where it All Begins (Used with permission of Antonio Perez Rio.)
Carrying Wood, Where it All Begins (Used with permission of Antonio Perez Rio.)

But most of all, I hold women like this woman in my heart, because she is Everywoman, Arab and non-Arab, who worked to feed her children and family. Gathering wood, starting the morning fire, heating water, cooking food, searching for food in times of drought, all these tasks go unsung. The cookbooks and books about food that weigh down this list and others like it, the shelves of libraries and bookstores, all this came about ultimately because of women’s labor and outright creativity.

The following bibliography [last updated September 7, 2009] is but a small sampling of the material available in English on Arab cooking. Many authors, cooks, and chroniclers share their experiences in the kitchen with us. All of these people certainly make my life richer. And all of our lives fuller, for that matter. I wish everyone could immerse themselves in the kitchen culture of people in other parts of the world, other than the United States, for there is so much to learn.

Books on Arab Cuisine in the Virginia Tech Library

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Couscous (Used with permission of Jack & Tina Fussell.)
Couscous (Used with permission of Jack & Tina Fussell.)

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Lemons and Olives, Oh My! (Used with permission of Scott Ashkenaz.)
Lemons and Olives, Oh My! (Used with permission of Scott Ashkenaz.)

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Sampling of books (in English) on Arab cuisine in the Library of Congress, searched only by Cookery-Arab; Cookery-Middle East yields many more, some duplication.

Ramadan in Morocco, Marrakesh (Used with permission of Phil Gregson.)
Ramadan in Morocco, Marrakesh (Used with permission of Phil Gregson.)

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Sfijas (Permission pending.)
Sfijas (Used with permission.)

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My Arab/Middle Eastern cookbook library (selected):

Abdennour, Sami. Egyptian cooking : a practical guide. New York: Hippocrene Books, 1998.

Baklava (Used with permission of Michelle Snow.)
Baklava (Used with permission of Michelle Snow.)

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Shwarma (Used with permission of Mikhail Esteves.)
Shwarma (Used with permission of Mikhail Esteves.)

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Masouf Fish (Used with permission.)
Maskouf Fish (Used with permission.)

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© 2008 C. Bertelsen



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