It’s the Environment, Stupid

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s true, now more than ever.

Mother Earth needs our voices, now more than ever. Yours, mine, everyone’s.

And so do all the creatures , great and small, the flowers, the trees, the rivers, and the seas. Now, more than ever.

The fragility of the environment everywhere, the balance of life itself, faces a clear and present danger, now more than ever.

Now, more than ever, one must speak for what has no voice.

St. Augustine Beach, Florida (Photo credit: C. Bertelsen)

Maybe these pictures could count as 2000 words.

Note: I have never been political on this blog, but I love the Earth, the Mother of us all.  The sacredness and the wonder of life in all its forms deserves a voice. So in my small way, I am abandoning what some might call ‘decorum.” Florida, more than many other parts of the country and world, faces real destruction because of climate change.

© 2017 C. Bertelsen

4 thoughts on “It’s the Environment, Stupid

  1. I did not mention the president. The politicalness of my post had to do with the flash point of climate change or global warming. Call it what you wish. But, you’re right, the issue is indeed not something that any one individual can solve. Your words – “Climate change cannot be stopped. The only questions are how fast and how bad.” – suggest that there IS something that can be done to slow down climate change. That something is the cooperation of 190 countries, barring two (and now three), to bring the issue to the fore and prevent the damage done by various industries and other entities, including individuals such as you and me. That is something the president is not doing by his recent action. He is giving a green light to many of the very things that got us into the accelerating destruction of the environment in the first place..

    I think that this quote from another politician, now long dead, is apt at this time in history:

    “We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship, dependent on its vulnerable reserves of air and soil; all committed, for our safety, to its security and peace; preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work and the love we give our fragile craft.” — Adlai Stevenson, July 9, 1965

    Mr. Stevenson, the American ambassador to the United Nations, spoke in Geneva to a United Nations gathering about international development.

  2. I enjoy your posts and am looking forward to following your adventures in Florida. My Florida roots are deep. I lived there for 60+ years before retiring in France 8 years ago. You are correct about the fragility of Florida and I encourage your activism. It’s the Environment, Stupid says it all! 😎

  3. What President Trump does, or does not do, in his 4 years in office will not change anything. The underlying problem of Global Warming and Climate Change is the impact of 7.5 Billon Humans and the consumption and pollution they inflict on the Earth. The human population grows by about 1 Billion people every 10 to 11 years. If you are a 66 year old person the human population and all that it requires to sustain it has grown from about 2.5 billion at birth to today 7.5 billion. Climate change cannot be stopped. The only questions are how fast and how bad. There is nothing that man can do to stop it. Many scientists believe the Earth could possibly sustain indefinitely a human population of 2 Billion people if they had a consumption level of a middle class person in Europe. So there you have it. As Pogo said, “We have seen the enemy and he is us.”

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