Connection: The Ties that Bind

You’re walkin’ tough baby, but you’re walkin’ blind
to the ties that bind,

The ties that bind ,
Now you can’t break the ties that bind.

~ Bruce Springsteen, “The Ties that Bind”

Quilts symbolize connection in many ways. There’s the mere piecing of the quilt, connecting to create a pattern. Then there’s the quilt stitch, holding the pieced top to the backing and to the filling.  Finally, there’s the connection to loved ones, wrought by the usage of pieces of tattered clothing no longer wearable or the the connection through working the quilt together, more common in days past, when women gathered to stitch the quilt together.

[Note:Today’s word/photo prompt is  “Connection.”  I am doing a sort of photo challenge at to get back into photography, which has gone on the back burner since I’ve had so many vision issues.]

© 2016 C. Bertelsen

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