New Clothes Always Help

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Today Gherkins & Tomatoes / Cornichons & Tomates begins its fourth year of blogging by donning a new look.

The  new design minimizes sidebar distractions, allowing readers to focus on the latest post.

Sleek, like a little black dress without even a string of pearls …

10 thoughts on “New Clothes Always Help

  1. It looks very nice, clean and easy to read. I just finished overhauling my site as well.

  2. No, no. The quote is fine; I have used it myself. :)

    I meant that if indeed Jeremiah Tower himself left a comment, the website it links to seems to me to be very strange indeed.

  3. Jeremiah, Fabre indeed produced some fantastic books. I used to collect specimens of various insects, seeds, rocks, and other fascinating bits of nature when I was a child. I’d thought to be a doctor, but my first chemistry class in high school taught me that I didn’t much like chemistry. Somehow, though, I ended up taking all kinds of chemistry in graduate school!

  4. No, not spam at all. The quote refers to the quote I’ve placed at the bottom of the blog. Fabre has been called the poet of science. Anyway, his comment about about history certainly was true in his time, no?

  5. Very nice new look, like an iceberg with so much hidden … but what exactly is that latest comment? Spam lite?

  6. History celebrates the battlefields whereon we meet our death, but scorns to speak of the plowed fields whereby we thrive; it knows the names of kings’ bastards but cannot tell us the origin of wheat. That is the way of human folly.”
    ~~ Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre, 1823 – 1915

    Of course I should not be surprised that you know of Fabre, but I thought he had disappeared from anyone’s mind. As a child I read his books on bees, scorpions, and glow worms. A very great and passionate writer.

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