“In the Shadow of Ravens: A Novel” Just Published!!!

Turquoise Moon Press has just published Cynthia Bertelsen’s first novel – In the Shadow of Ravens. You’ll find cooking and food scenes in it, as well as many of Life’s other basic needs … .

Here’s a brief description:

Julian D’Arcy knows her family is different. Very different. To preserve their legacy as talented healers, she wanders from place to place, forced to seek safety as she rebels against the prejudices and ignorance of seventeenth-century England. A final desperate decision changes everything when the future once again becomes uncertain.

In the Shadow of Ravens portrays the forbidden practice of witchcraft as it evolved in seventeenth-century England. But, more than that, it is the story of a family of strong women, of healing, of cooking, and of love.”

(Available in both paperback and Kindle.)

Illustration by Courtney Nzeribe

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