On the Street where I Live … or Close, Anyway

Sometimes the details of daily life wiggle right by me. What my eyes don’t see! Flabbergasting! But the camera misses nothing. Or so it seems. A slow meandering down the street today, a quick click of the shutter here, a slower one there. And my little town showed me a side I’d never noticed in all the years I’ve lived here.

Who knew there were four manhole covers in the sidewalk outside John’s Camera Corner? Actually five. Or that the pavement on Draper Road imitated one of the patchwork quilts the ladies from the mountains used to make so painstakingly by hand? Or that the man driving the tractor in the mural at the market wore a green cap like an Irish dandy’s?

4 thoughts on “On the Street where I Live … or Close, Anyway

  1. Yes, offmotorway, they remind of the coal chutes on streets in London! Or whatever you call those holes where they used to send the coal to the bin in the more hoity-toity houses.

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