The Eye Doesn’t Have It …

I’m on sabbatical for a while, very little new writing or photography possible for the time being, due to a serious vitreous hemorrhage a few weeks ago. I may retrieve the odd old post or picture just for kicks once in a while, but until the inside of my eye stops looking like the clouds in the picture here, I’m pretty much into a contemplative mode.

Happy spring to all!

17 thoughts on “The Eye Doesn’t Have It …

  1. That makes two of us Kaye. It’s a slow process indeed. I have decided to think of the mess in my eye as a bruise-like entity, and I recover slowly from bruises, so that image helps me to be more patient with the pace of things.

  2. Slowing down in the midst of great excitement/visions – very difficult, but now you must do just that – take care and we anticipate a happy and healthy return :-)

  3. Please do what you must to get better soon. It sounds rather serious, more especially for a photographer and writer. As a writer myself, I fear most the loss or problems with my eyesight. Not the best as it is, but that’s life. Hope you are well soon.

  4. Thank you, Nancy, Merril, Susana, Kitty, Janet – I appreciate the good thoughts. Apparently there’s a drug in testing stage somewhere that helps clear vitreous of bleeding like this, but it will be a while before it’s available to the masses. Until then, Mother Nature needs to kick in a little faster, IMO.

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