8 thoughts on “Ladies of the Pen and the Cookpot: M. F. K. FISHER

  1. Ambradambra! You will love MF’s work, in large doses or in small. The best of the books collected into
    “The Art of Eating” is, I personally feel, “The Gastromonical Me” Classic MF. Although each and every
    one of her books is not to be compared with anything else in the world of literature…Leo

  2. Lovely. I’ve just acquired Fisher’s ‘The Art of Eating’ and it’s waiting on my stack of books to read. The size is a little daunting but maybe I should consider reading it in snatches, ie dip in and out of it while reading other things. Can’t wait!

  3. This is lovely, Cindy. Thank you so much for posting this on what is the 22nd anniversary of this great lady’s passage….Do you think of her as a Guardian Angel of sorts ?

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