Ladies of the Pen and the Cookpot: M. F. K. FISHER


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  1. ambradambra says:

    Thanks Cynthia and Leo. You’ve really whetted my appetite now.


  2. And once again, Leo, you are absolutely right!


  3. Leo Racicot says:

    Ambradambra! You will love MF’s work, in large doses or in small. The best of the books collected into
    “The Art of Eating” is, I personally feel, “The Gastromonical Me” Classic MF. Although each and every
    one of her books is not to be compared with anything else in the world of literature…Leo


  4. Ambradambra, I envy you, reading MF for the first time. Yes, reading in small bits will be just the way to go. Enjoy!


  5. ambradambra says:

    Lovely. I’ve just acquired Fisher’s ‘The Art of Eating’ and it’s waiting on my stack of books to read. The size is a little daunting but maybe I should consider reading it in snatches, ie dip in and out of it while reading other things. Can’t wait!


  6. Yes, Leo, something like that … .


  7. Leo Racicot says:

    This is lovely, Cindy. Thank you so much for posting this on what is the 22nd anniversary of this great lady’s passage….Do you think of her as a Guardian Angel of sorts ?


  8. Today is the anniversary of MFK Fisher’s death and I am thinking of her and the profound influence she has had on me, and on so many other writers.


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