All the Presidents’ Tables: Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Pre-Inaugural Dinner 1945

roosevelt-portraitOn January 19, 1945, as little by little the Allied armies juggernauted to victory  throughout Europe and the Pacific, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Vice-President Harry S. Truman sat down with other guests at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC and indulged in the following dinner.

TIME Magazine)
Table Setting at 1945 Inaguration (Credit: TIME Magazine)

Very far from the K-rations of the troops, mind you.

Cedric Foll
Photo credit: Cedric Foll

And the mention of Havana cigars brings to mind a question:  “Wonder what those are like?” Not that I’ve ever smoked, but cigar-swilling FDR probably would never have agreed to a blockade of Cuba, now would he have?

Nor would Winston Churchill.

And of course Joe Stalin, never.

Terrapin Soup with Sherry en Tasse
Fried Puff Pastry

Celery Olives Nuts

Filet of Sole, Belle Meuniere

Breast of Capon on Smithfield Ham, Southern Style
Baked Half Lobster Thermidor
New Stringless Beans Sweet Potato with Apples, Winchester

Salade Rose Marie
(Hearts of Romaine with Alligator Pear and Grapefruit, Lorenzo Dressing)

Cheese Wafers

Coupe Tortoni with Chocolate Mousse

Mocha Cream Cake

Cigarettes/Havana Cigars

Demi Tasse

[A big thank you to Janet Clarkson of The Olde Foodie for sharing this menu with me.]

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