The beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia, Victorian to Art Deco to modernistic architecture, all co-existing. © 2014 C. Bertelsen


  Doors open, doors close. There’s always a hint of mystery with a door. What’s back there? Who’s back there? Which door should I open? Which door should I close? Will I ever find the right door? Which is the right door? Is there a right door? Musings on Photo 101, Day 10. © 2014 … More Mystery


Today I must render into photography the concept of “warmth.” The underlying message is, of course, “painting with light.” Without light, angles, and placement, no photograph has a chance of achieving anything more than a snapshot of a brief moment in time. Of course, the sample photograph that came with the assignment portrays something majestic, … More Warmth


Smithfield Plantation, as it is called near where I live, is not the same as Smithfield in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Our Smithfield, a landmark seen from the business bypass of 460 W, rests on a knoll and you can see it every time you drive by. Some of the surrounding land became … More Landmark


Connection, that’s the theme of the day. Most people might think of interpersonal connections, how those seem to be eroding away via the technology that substitutes for face-to-face interactions. Others ponder bridges, both those that transverse water and the fragile ties of a spider’s web, the stitches that keep flesh from parting after surgery, or … More Connect