Culinary Bigotry? Pas nous, pas du tout!

So how do you perceive French cuisine?

Katharine Shilcutt decided to find out what Texans thought of various ethnic cuisines popular in the United States. Here’s a Venn diagram from her October 27, 2010 article on the Houston Press blog.

The left side of the diagram shows what foods Texans associate with French eating habits, the right side shows what French people think about their own eating habits, and the center shows foods common to both groups’ perceptions.

4 thoughts on “Culinary Bigotry? Pas nous, pas du tout!

  1. What a wonderful chart!
    I am currently living amongst a predominately USA community in Central America. They seem to think that all Brits(that’s me) survive on a constant diet of roast beef and fish and chips! Ah the delights of cultural stereotyping!

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