Water, Nature’s Driving Force

Water is the driving force of all nature. ~ Leonardo da Vinci [Note: Today’s word/prompt is “Water.”  I am doing a sort of photo challenge at WordPress.com to get back into photography, which has gone on the backburner since I’ve had so many vision issues.] © 2016 C. Bertelsen


In the beginning, water carved the river valleys and molded the shores of the oceans. In darkness, bathed in water, we are born, tied forever to the earth, the salt of our blood a reminder of primal seas. In our daily thirst, water restores us and nourishes all that we eat. Indeed, water is the … More Water

Water, the Essence of All

Begin with a washing of hands, cleansing and purifying, before approaching the stove, as to an altar. Pouring water into a pot, do you remember the source? Rain, clouds, rivers, streams, lakes, oceans … Transformation, from elements and compounds and chaotic matter to life. Essence. Alchemy. In your hands, a cook’s hands, water shape-shifts into … More Water, the Essence of All