What is Home?

What is home? What is not home? The following pictorial essay portrays a number of symbols associated with the United States, and, indirectly, home. Mine, anyway. (If you click on the photos, you’ll see far more detail than this WordPress theme shows in the posts. And further clicking zooms in, I’ve discovered.) © 2015 C. … More What is Home?

Dig for Victory! Locavorism in Eons Past

Looking at the past almost always calls up that old adage: “There’s nothing new under the sun.”* Take locavorism’s wartime antecedents … As these WWII posters from England’s “Dig for Victory!” campaign prove, the idea of local foods is not one whose time has come, but whose time has come again. Aimed at encouraging the … More Dig for Victory! Locavorism in Eons Past