Art, Spirit, Life: The Joys and the Sorrows of Trees

My mind fills with thoughts of trees these days. I hear of plans to destroy the landscape here and there across the planet. Greed now claims the upper hand over compassion. You might ask, “Why trees? Surely there are far greater issues around which to rally?” Perhaps. For the moment, I just ask one thing … More Art, Spirit, Life: The Joys and the Sorrows of Trees


This morning I woke to see the first snowfall of the year. The pristine whiteness always soothes me, but in the thrill of seeing snow once again, I remember that winter will stay on and on, like an unwanted guest, creating an edginess hard to escape. Photo 101 challenge, day 18 © 2014 C. Bertelsen


Say the word “treasure” and images of jewel-laden pirate chests might dart through your mind. But in this world, treasure takes many forms. As for me, I have much treasure, but my most precious treasures illuminate this post. For how does that verse go? “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” Photo 101 challenge, day … More Treasure


Landscape photography, made popular by Ansel Adams, portrays the natural world and the vastness of the universe all at once. Almost all landscapes evoke, for me, a sense of the mystical undertones of existence. Photo 101 challenge, day 15. © 2014 C. Bertelsen