Strawberries, the Quintessential British Delicacy of the American South

They say that behind every recipe lurks a story. And that’s indeed true in the case of strawberries and the American South, where there’s a story, a big one. You see, Southerners in the United States like to point to strawberry shortcake and claim it as their own. Ditto strawberry pie. But strawberries, All-American perhaps, still […]

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Strawberries, a Meditation

The following poetic musings by Alison Luterman come from Bread, Body, Spirit: Finding the Sacred in Food (edited with commentary by Alice Peck; quoted here with permission of Alison Luterman): Strawberries are too delicate to be picked by machine. The perfectly ripe ones even bruise at too heavy a human touch. It hit her then […]

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