It Might Be a Stereotype, but ….

I love this picture of a snail. Like many mollusks, snails seem to have been  eaten in substantial quantities by early man, as witness the mounds of snail shells found in archaeological sites. See Prehistoric edible land snails in the cirum Mediterranean: the archaeological evidence (2004) (Extensive bibliography)

Banania — an Image of French Colonialism?

I will tear down those Banania smiles from the walls of France. ~~ Léopold Sédar Senghor, poet and first president of independent Senegal*   Branding. Such a loaded word, when you consider it. For many Americans it suggests branding cattle and other property, to prove ownership. Very capitalistic, those cowboys, don’t you think? In any … More Banania — an Image of French Colonialism?

‘Nuff Said: Stereotypes of France and its Food

Stereotypes, caricatures, clichés, symbolism, what-have-you abound in our world and cause us to essentially dehumanize others. These photos provide examples of how the others stereotype the French people and their culture: And more: That’s not to say that French companies don’t use the same tactics in their advertising … as we will see on January … More ‘Nuff Said: Stereotypes of France and its Food