In a State of Siege: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Day 16

Hello again. It’s Day 16 officially, but I’ve actually been self-isolating for about three weeks now. I don’t need to remind you, I know, that things are not getting better outside my door. I wish I could. But I don’t have a Pollyanna personality. At least not right now. This past week did bring a … More In a State of Siege: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Day 16

The Black Death Revisited, Momentarily

All the talk about swine flu (April 2009) naturally calls up images of the catastrophic 14th-century pandemic of bubonic plague. Or the Black Death, as it came to be called, because of the gangrenous flesh of its victims, thanks to the disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), or purpura, that occurred. Actually, three types of plague appeared: … More The Black Death Revisited, Momentarily