The Chicken or the Egg? 4. Egging Us On

A few days ago, I thumbed through the brand-new, hot-off-the-press version of Larousse Gastronomique. You know,  Julia Child’s bedtime reading.  At least according to the movie, “Julie & Julia.” After all, Julia once remarked that, “If I were allowed only one reference book in my library, Larousse Gastronomique would be it, without question.” First written … More The Chicken or the Egg? 4. Egging Us On

The Chicken or the Egg? 3. Instructions to the Cook

Eggs a guilty pleasure? There’s a reason for that. Thanks to Dr. Thomas Royle Dawber’s research team and the famous “gold standard” Framingham Study,[1] eggs morphed into things to be eaten on the sly, enjoyed alone, like a whole bag of foil-wrapped Dove chocolates. Based on the weak statistical correlation between cholesterol levels and heart … More The Chicken or the Egg? 3. Instructions to the Cook


Living as I do in the heart of moonshine [white lightning] country, I just about dropped the cookbook when I saw the word “Moonshine.” If it had been a Southern cookbook or a Foxfire book, I would have turned the page without a second thought and been done with it. But this reference to “Moonshine” … More Moonshine

Ham and Eggs

Omne vivum ex ovo. “All life comes from an egg.” –Latin Proverb– Eggs and Easter go together like…ham and eggs? Well, it hasn’t always been that way. Christians first celebrated Easter in the second century A.D. and the Council of Nicaea, convened in 325 A.D. by the Emperor Constantine, set the official date for Easter. … More Ham and Eggs

The Eggs Had It: Goodbye, “Cool Hand”

I have steak at home, why go out for hamburger? Paul Newman Paul Newman’s death brought up many memories of his films. Since I am a “foodie,” one scene in particular popped up in my mind. Yes, that gut-wrenching “meal” in “Cool-Hand Luke,” when Luke (Paul Newman) stuffs himself with fifty hard-cooked eggs. Ouch. Thanks, … More The Eggs Had It: Goodbye, “Cool Hand”