Happy Christmas to All!

At Christmastime, my kitchen becomes a place where past and present merge.  Through food, I honor my ancestors – the known, the unknown, and the never-to-be knowns, all the people whose DNA runs through my veins and shapes my nose and determines my character. They hailed from Dorset, Devon, Somerset, Cheshire, Lincoln, London, Kent … … More Happy Christmas to All!

Christmas Menu 1890 from Godey’s Lady’s Book

Lately, I’ve been “getting it” that the Victorian era played a tremendously important role in Western history. Think of Beatrix Potter and Peter, Victoria and Albert, the Crimea and the Czars, colonels and colonies. And there’s nowhere better to start looking at the Victorians and their impact than in the kitchen, whether those kitchens were … More Christmas Menu 1890 from Godey’s Lady’s Book