Who was Ginette Mathiot? And Why Should You Care?

Ginette Mathiot wrote books that bring up long-lost taste memories in France, much as Marcel Proust’s oft-quoted prattle about about madeleines. Only her work proves infinitely more readable and enjoyable. She also basically sticks it to Julia and makes French cooking seem less like a prolonged session at the dentist’s. One of her books, Je … More Who was Ginette Mathiot? And Why Should You Care?

Captain Robert Scott’s 97-Year-Old Butter

Captain Robert Scott died in the Antarctic in 1912 as he and his fellow explorers tried to return from the South Pole. His camp, preserved by the Antarctic Heritage Trust, rendered up an interesting find: two large squares of butter, still labeled with the original labels and wrappers.  An article from The Times Online (December … More Captain Robert Scott’s 97-Year-Old Butter

Buttering Up

Peppermint flavoring, almond extract, gooey candied fruit, thick dark molasses, perfumey cardamom … the list could go mouth-wateringly on and on. Christmas cooking and Christmas baking demand many ingredients not normally used in everyday cooking. And that’s what makes the holiday season such a sheer delight for those besotted with all things culinary. But one … More Buttering Up