Safari Cooking: Ingredients

In 1928, the authors of The Kenya Settlers’ Cookery Book and Household Guide, with their advantage of having many years of lore and practicality to choose from, included a detailed list of what foods to take on safari. A smaller Swahili edition came out in 1935. The original 1928 English edition added a list of […]

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Safari Cooking: The Cook (II)

In John Tinney McCutcheon’s book,  In Africa: Hunting Adventures in Big Game Country (1910), he  wrote the following words about an apparent jewel of a cook, whose hands moved in the kitchen with the touch of angels.  (And this after a very Eurocentric introduction to said personage, Abdullah his safari cook, in which McCutcheon focused on […]

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Safari Cooking: The Cook (I)

1 Cook 35 (rupees) per month* That’s the salary paid to native/local cooks, those picked to feed the wealthy white adventurers going on safari in East Africa at the beginning of the twentieth century. In The Man-Eaters of Tsavo and Other East African Adventures (1908),  John Henry Patterson briefly described the food situation on a […]

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Safari Cooking: Equipment

Animal rights — forget it. In the days of the Great White Hunters, no way. Writers and hunters both romanced the African safari. Men like U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt killed hundreds of big-game animals, keeping taxidermists happy. A whole body literature appeared in the early twentieth century, extolling the virtues of the hunt, encouraging the […]

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