Cooking with Fire: A Primer and a Meditation

If cooking with fire brings up visions for you of grilling hamburgers, I forgive you. And don’t forget S’mores, the extent of my experience with fire and cooking for most of my childhood. I forgive myself for that. It’s winter now. A wood fire burns in my fireplace, a take-off on a Count Rumford design….

Happy Hogmanay!

Perplexed as to what to serve for New Year’s Eve? Look no further than Scotland’s Hogmanay – or New Year’s Eve – celebration, rich in history (read more HERE), with just the right touch of ancient practices. Raucous, animal-skin dressed revelers call to mind Viking invaders of the 9th and 10th centuries, Hogmanay a substitute…

Hoppin’ John, or Dashing Myths Galore

(Due to a foul up with WordPress and dates, this post appeared on December 30. I was not finished with it yet!  But now I am!) Black-eyed peas, a gift to the New World from Africa. These beans were there as early as 1659 at St. Louis, now present-day Senegal, but they actually originated in North Africa, in…

Happy Christmas 2015!

I wish all of you the very best Christmas, no matter where you cook! Thank you all for everything and inspiring me to keep on writing about my favorite subject: food.