In a State of Siege: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Days 3 & 4

So much has happened, so little has happened. Those eight words sum up Days 3 and 4 quite nicely. But with having time to reflect, it became clear to me that quite a bit actually happened, despite my not leaving the  four walls surrounding me … . Day 3: People mention how long Anne Frank … More In a State of Siege: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Days 3 & 4

Buttering Up

Peppermint flavoring, almond extract, gooey candied fruit, thick dark molasses, perfumey cardamom … the list could go mouth-wateringly on and on. Christmas cooking and Christmas baking demand many ingredients not normally used in everyday cooking. And that’s what makes the holiday season such a sheer delight for those besotted with all things culinary. But one … More Buttering Up