Loneliness is not the same as solitude. A being in the state of loneliness longs for others, for some sort of interaction. Solitude, on the other hand, means remoteness, most generally a welcome respite from the madding crowds and demands of modern life.   © 2014 C. Bertelsen


I look at pears very differently from St. Augustine, who – in his youth – stole pears from a tree near his parents’ vineyard. Years later, racked with guilt, he wrote in his Confessions, “But since my pleasure was not in those pears, it was in the offence itself, ….” Bliss for me is wiping ripe pear … More Bliss


In the beginning, water carved the river valleys and molded the shores of the oceans. In darkness, bathed in water, we are born, tied forever to the earth, the salt of our blood a reminder of primal seas. In our daily thirst, water restores us and nourishes all that we eat. Indeed, water is the … More Water


Being on the street means a whole lot of things, all very different from being at home, behind the walls, the mind taking on a fortress mode. “Lord of the castle” and that sort of thing. But on the street, ah, the animal instincts come to the fore, dim and primal memories of danger fight … More Street


Home is where earth and dwelling meet, a thin place offering an illusion of security. (Please note that I will not be posting anything substantive for a while due to the new book I’m writing, but I decided to sign up for a month-long photo-a-day challenge with Word Press. Every day there will be a … More Home