Safari Cooking: Equipment

Animal rights — forget it. In the days of the Great White Hunters, no way. Writers and hunters both romanced the African safari. Men like U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt killed hundreds of big-game animals, keeping taxidermists happy. A whole body literature appeared in the early twentieth century, extolling the virtues of the hunt, encouraging the […]

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A Dish (or Two) for Children in British Colonial Africa

(A tribute to those women who endured the challenges of living in unfamiliar and far-flung places, raising their children without their extended families around. And cooking what they could.) Sometimes it literally WAS a dog’s breakfast. And mothers couldn’t do anything about it. Feeding their children properly preoccupied those mothers who followed their English husbands […]

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A Cook in Colonial Africa

Esa nearly drops the wine bottle, all because of colonial British ideas about propriety in cooking and dining. That’s from an unforgettable scene in the film, “Out of Africa,” epitomizing the British way with food in their colonies. And their focus on the cooks, mostly male, who worked for them. Meryl Streep, as Baroness Karen […]

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