Lavender Fields Forever

No smell of cow patties flitted through the air, thank goodness. After all, just before lunch who wants to contemplate biting into a sandwich perfumed with the stench of manure? We  stood on the knoll about the Maison Beliveau and watched the black-furred cattle, including two hefty bulls, running down the hill, hell-bent on cozying … More Lavender Fields Forever

Cheesemaking in Africa: “Curd and the Karamojong”

Englishwoman Kate Arding, who owns a cheese shop — Cowgirl Creamery —  in West Marin,  California, traveled to Uganda in December 2007. While there, she taught the Karamojong people how to make cheese. A pictorial essay— “Curd and the Karamojong” — appeared in the autumn issue of a new magazine devoted completely to cheese, Culture: … More Cheesemaking in Africa: “Curd and the Karamojong”