Announcement: Podcasts Now Available for Some Blog Posts, But …

I’ll start by apologizing.


In order to create podcasts for old posts on “Gherkins & Tomatoes,” I must unpublish, then immediately republish, previous posts so that the Anchor app kicks in. This will not be the case for any new posts I create from scratch and share via text-to-audio.

Though what that means for you, my dear followers, is that you will get an email announcing a new post, just as you always do. Only some of them will not be new to you.

There is no way around this.

At least not now.

I’m sorry that you likely will receive more emails because of this.

Thank you for supporting me and my work!

To hear an example of what to expect, tune into my last post aobut Patricia Quintana, now also available as a podcast. Click on the box below the wavy green splotch.