A Day of Farewell

Today, it’s official.

Today, I hand over the keys to a new seeker.

Today is not an ending. It’s a beginning.

Today is really a day of thanks, thanks for a place that sheltered me, inspired me, soothed me.

Today, all I have left is a memory of mountains and mist and mornings ablaze with sunlight.

Today, I will walk lighter, transparent, free.

Today, I take another path on the journey.

Today, I choose door number three. Or number ten.

Farewell, and thanks. For all the beautiful days.



12 thoughts on “A Day of Farewell

  1. Farewell and the best of everything! Enjoy this next adventure! God bless you and your new home!

  2. How fortunate this new family will be to have the cozy reading corner, mountain views, and peace. Safe travels, happy memories and a new opportunity to make new memories.

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