10 Blog Posts You Loved: A “Thank You” to All My Readers

Happy anniversary to Gherkins & Tomatoes!

Since I wrote my first post on July 28, 2008, I have written over a thousand posts, on many, many topics.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for reading for all these years. It means a lot to me!

Here are the most popular posts from those eight years:

1. The Perils of Paris, or, How to Use a French Washing Machine and Live to Tell the Tale

2. Ode to the Great Pumpkin [Pie]: Speak, Memory

3. Día de los Muertos (Todos Muertos) Day of the Dead Food-Laden Altars

4. Inaugural Luncheon 2009: Menu and Details

5. The Hermetic Lady in the Palazzo: Marlena de Blasi

6. Eating Cat Meat: A Taboo?

7. Flavor Principles Out of Africa: West Africa

8. Cabbage and Black-Eyed Peas, Oh My! A New Year’s Tradition in the South

9. Dare Not to Speak the Name: The Foul Art of Plagiarism in Cookery Books

10. The Dangers of Nostalgia at the Stove: A Critique of Modern Food Writing

View through a window at La Tour d'Argent, Paris (Credit: C. Bertelsen)
View through a window at La Tour d’Argent, Paris (Credit: C. Bertelsen)

7 thoughts on “10 Blog Posts You Loved: A “Thank You” to All My Readers

  1. Thanks for all your wonderful posts over the years! I rarely comment, but always enjoy. I especially love your photo this time, as my one meal at Tour D’Argent in Paris in 1970 is an experience I will always remember – not the food itself as much as the overall experience – divine!

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