Connections are all around us, big and small (Credit: C. Bertelsen)

Connection, that’s the theme of the day. Most people might think of interpersonal connections, how those seem to be eroding away via the technology that substitutes for face-to-face interactions. Others ponder bridges, both those that transverse water and the fragile ties of a spider’s web, the stitches that keep flesh from parting after surgery, or the nebulous sense of spirits after death. But there’s one connection that rarely appears these days, except on men’s shirts: buttons, an ancient way of keeping folds of cloth connected. Swaddling the body, muting the shock of cold air, rain, thorns, lessening the touch of nature on the skin. Buttons play that role, connecting and disconnecting.

25 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Laura, I appreciate your stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I really had no idea what I was going to post and then happened to look at my jacket and it came to me.

  2. What inspired this entry, Cindy? And interesting post. It’s amazing to me how the “mundane” things of daily living can provoke profound thoughts/ideas. It was oil for me y’day — cooking oil, that is.

  3. And it is amazing to me how many people can not sew on a button. They’d sooner throw the shirt away rather than reconnect it. So silly.

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