Belleville, Paris, France: II

Belleville Metro Station
Photo credit: Michel Millet
Photo credit: Ted Drake
Photo credit: Intelligensius Anarchus & The Great Attractor
Variation maraîchère (Photo credit: Somethingintheair)

6 thoughts on “Belleville, Paris, France: II

  1. Hi Margaret,

    No, I’ve not seen “The Triplets of Belleveille;” sounds like one I need to check out. As for DSLRs, I’m still learning, I bought Nikon D5100 for Dummies, by Julie Adair King and am making way through it. The booklet that came with the camera wasn’t specific enough for me – I’m mechanically illiterate.

  2. Have you seen the Triplets of Belleville? A fun, quirky film. Also, if you find a good tutorial or two on DSLRs please post about or pass on- they seem pretty intimidating to a point-and-shoot devotee!

  3. Thanks, Miriam. Getting excited, yes. The photos in this post, unfortunately, are not mine, but maybe with my nifty new DSLR I’ll catapult out of the point-and-shoot stuff I’ve been doping and get some really great pictures.

  4. Oh, but in some parts of France with a large West African or French Caribbean population, you’ll find these and many other interesting things. Stay tuned for more.

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