The Weird, Different, and Just Plain Interesting Restaurants of Paris: A Photo Gallery

Like many of you, I dream about being in France. A lot.

And, of course, I daydream about eating in Paris, in spite of naysayers who point their compasses at other, more culinarily au courant corners of the globe.

I’m already making lists of culinary adventures in preparation for my grant-sponsoredjourney this fall, doing research in Paris and Aix-en-Provence.

The following are but just a few of the places I’m imagining …

Greek Restaurant in Paris's Latin Quarter (Photo credit: Frédérique Panassac)
Restaurant in basement of 12th-century Parisian church (Photo credit: Jerry H.)
Smallest restaurant in Paris? (Photo credit: Who cares?)
Restaurant Café de l'Odéon (Photo credit: Hotels Paris Rive Gauche)
Restaurant Impala Lounge (Photo credit: VieDeGeek)
A Dog's Life in Paris (Photo credit: Ryan)
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