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Reading Saturday Newspaper, by Benedikte Vanderweeën

First of, I would like to point out a new feature on “Gherkins & Tomatoes / Cornichons & Tomatoes.”

Go to the sidebar on the right and scroll down until you see


This feature gives you the ability to browse through a listing of every single one of the past posts on “Gherkins & Tomatoes / Cornichons & Tomatoes.” I’d like to thank Jan Whitaker for alerting me to this. Take a look at Jan’s wonderful blog site on the history of restaurants HERE.

Something else is new on “Gherkins & Tomatoes / Cornichons & Tomatoes,” too.

Starting on April 26, 2011, be sure to stop by and read about France’s greatest all-time export: her early migrating chefs and cooks who left, creating a diaspora as it were of French culinary traditions. “Paris is the culinary centre of the world. All the great missionaries of good cookery have gone forth from it, and its cuisine was, is, and ever will be the supreme expression of of one of the greatest arts of the world.” (Quote from Nathaniel Newnham-Davis,  The Gourmet Guide to Europe, 1903)

At the head of the line stands Alexis Soyer, who conjured up many remarkable things, one being a soup kitchen in famine-struck Ireland.

Chef Alexis Soyer
Soyer's Soup Kitchen in Dublin, Ireland
Irish Laborer, 1850s

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