2 thoughts on “Idylls of Cusine, #76

  1. Hello Raisya,

    There are many resources for you when it comes to African-American foodways. A couple of places to start: First of all, Rachel Finn is working that area, with Roots Cuisine — go to http://rootscuisine.org for more. Fran Osseo-Asare writes an interesting blog abut African cooking, mostly concerning Ghana at http://www.betumiblog.blogspot.com/ — unfortunately there’s no SEARCH box, but you’ll find a lot of information there, too.

  2. why Their are so many cultures that are inhanced with cooking traditions but me an African American in America have no knowledge of foods that may enhance my own cultural advances I can’t find many cooking shows or online recipies that tell of a traditional way my ancestors use to eat ther are no spices that i can identify with and acually feel a sense of connection it’s not fair how can i start understanding a culture that everyone want to conceal and still to claim as there own where do my roots began i know everyone that is Brown tone and live in Africa isn’t poor and uncivilized? So why can I get recipies on how to cook from every origin of people except my own? Please send a response.

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