No More “Cookery”: New Library of Congress Subject Heading

De Bry engraving of Native Americans cooking fish: "The brovvyllinge of their fishe ouer the flame."

Culinary researchers:

The new, official Library of Congress subject heading for over 800 cooking and food-related subjects changed recently from “cookery” to “cooking.” Here’s the official document, “Cooking and Cookbooks H 1475.”


  1. Thanks for this news, Cynthia. As a frequent user of and donor to the Minnesota Historical Society’s excellent cookbook collection, I’ve been suggesting to researchers for years that they find out what we have by searching our catalog for the term “cookery.” Especially for collections like ours, where cookbooks are just part of a much broader collection, can anyone suggest some good ways to get the word out? Whether the word is cookery or cooking?

    Debbie Miller
    Reference Specialist and
    co-author, Potluck Paradise: Favorite Fare from Church and Community Cookbooks


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