2 thoughts on “Idylls of Cuisine, #61

  1. Hi Mae,

    Not sure about the Cloisters connection, but it wouldn’t surprise — need to look into that. As for lavender toiletries, don’t get me started! I am investigating what varieties of lavender we could plant in our region, on the slope (and I mean slope!) behind our new house.

  2. I have been to St-Guilhem-le-Désert, though it’s a fading memory. Isn’t it where some of the courtyards in the Cloisters Museum came from?

    I loved your description of lavender — I’ve been to a lavender farm (growing many varieties from many places) on Maui. They serve lavender tea, lavender pastries, and other wonderful foods flavored with lavender. It’s also an ingredient in herbes de provence. Not to mention soap and cosmetics.

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