The British Melting Pot

I recently ran across these books, mentioned on an interesting British Web site providing glimpses and glances at cookbooks published in Britain, cookbooks that we here in the US of A rarely see. Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems that the British cookbook market features more books concerned with other cultures and not so much with “slimming,” as our friends across the pond call dieting.

So here they are, some books to fascinate you on a rainy day in the kitchen, to salivate over by the fading embers of your fireplace! (Click on the photos for links to the mini reviews.)

Next stop: India, by way of France …

And then there’s Africa and the Middle East, together, an interesting combination:

4 thoughts on “The British Melting Pot

  1. The best collection of cookbooks and food books and treasure you can’t find anywhere else is at Kitchen Arts & Letters in Manhattan. The store ships book all over the world too. Irena Chalmers

  2. That’s funny you should mention published British books seem to go out of the area a bit. I have many cookbooks published in Britain in the fifties and sixties that have many global titles. I wonder why that is???

  3. I agree! I have so many British cookbooks, it’s crazy!! They also have incredible photographs!

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