Cheesemaking in Africa: “Curd and the Karamojong”

Photo credit: David Snelling
Photo credit: David Snelling

Englishwoman Kate Arding, who owns a cheese shop — Cowgirl Creamery —  in West Marin,  California, traveled to Uganda in December 2007. While there, she taught the Karamojong people how to make cheese. A pictorial essay— “Curd and the Karamojong” — appeared in the autumn issue of a new magazine devoted completely to cheese, Culture: The Word on Cheese.

For more on cheesemaking in Africa, see Charles O’Connor’s Traditional Cheesemaking Manual, published by the International Livestock Centre for Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

[Note: Don’t you just love this face? For me, this Congo/forest buffalo embodies the importance of bovines for humans through the millennia.]

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