Old Cookbooks Online — Some New Goodies

Cookbooks old 2
Photo credit: Barnaby Dorfman

165  of Virginia Tech’s Newman Library’s collection of thousands of rare and antique cookbooks just went digital. Most of the books stem from the late nineteenth century and many illustrate the trend toward scientific home making, or home economics. Browse the entire list HERE.

Some of the highlights include:

Edward Smith’s  Foods. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1873.

Maria E. Rundell. A New System of Domestic Cookery: Founded Upon Principles of Economy. Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 1844.  (Mentioned in my post of August 21, 2009.)

Mary J. Lincoln.  Boston School Kitchen Text-book: Lessons in Cooking for the Use of Classes in Public and Industrial Schools. Boston: Little, Brown, c1909.


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  1. Yes, richness indeed!


  2. Thanks a million, Cindy. It seems that a new digital library is giving out its goodies every few weeks. Isnt it great!


  3. Hi Kim,

    Yes, the MSU project (also known as “Feeding America”) has been listed on the sidebar of my blog under “Cookbooks Rare and/or Digitized” since the beginning of my blog (over a year ago).

    Thanks for bringing it up and giving me an opportunity to point out that and other goodies listed on my blog’s sidebar, too! So much great stuff out there.

    If you find anything else like this, please do share, as I’d like to have many such links as possible.


  4. Great post. After finding your blog the other day, I came across this site: http://bit.ly/72v4o – The Historic American Cookbook Project at Michigan St. U – not a very easy site to use, but it has some great old cookbooks on it.

    Have you seen this site before?


  5. Louise says:

    Incredible find Cynthia. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  6. Glad this is useful to people. Pretty exciting, isn’t it, all the digitization going on around the world!


  7. Leni Sorensen says:

    Wonderful resource! Thanks for the FYI!


  8. Tracy Golightly-Garcia says:

    Thank-You for sharing the information!
    Tracy :)


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