A Poet’s Take on Organic Food

Organic Tomato (Photo credit: Bhisham Padha)
Organic Tomato (Photo credit: Bhisham Padha)

Fashionable Fallacy #2: Organic Food**

The proponents of all things organic
Will lapse into a shuddering panic:
“One can never be sure
If a substance impure
Has seeped into this lab-furnished food.”

And yet, nevertheless,
They consume without stress
What by Nature was grown,
Composition unknown,
And all the more random and crude.

~~ G. Stolyarov II ~~

Organics 1

**For the next few weeks, I am going to be on a “working vacation,” so my posts will be somewhat more abbreviated. I will still provide you with something substantial to chew on, though!

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  1. Nothing pithy to say but ‘poet’ brings me here & I smile. Thank you for that…needed it.

    “Working vacation” …sounds familiar. Any post at all is welcome from your site.

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