The Cattle are Lowing

Photo credit: Neil Smith
Photo credit: Neil Smith

Well, the cattle are lowing.**

I am just about moved to my temporary abode, 13 acres on a farm that’s clearly been sold off in pieces. A herd of about 25 Black Angus station themselves on a knoll outside my bedroom window. Wonder if the lowing will keep me awake? And three guinea hens stopped me in my little red car today — I couldn’t tell what they were from a distance, but I knew as I approach them that, unlike vultures, they wouldn’t suddenly flap their wings and take off, miffed.  When I slammed on the brakes, they looked up at me, as if to say,”What’s the hurry?”

Looking forward to the really rural life, even if it’s only for 10 months.

**For the next few weeks, I am going to be on a “working vacation,” so my posts will be somewhat more abbreviated. I will still provide you with something substantial to chew on, though!


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