Cooking Equipment, Mostly Old, Beautiful, and Functional

Kitchen at Windsor Castle (1819 illustration)
Kitchen at Windsor Castle (1819 illustration)
Cooking equipment dates back to the first stick holding skewered meat over a hot fire after days of hunting. All of these photos show items that could be written about in tomes. But let’s settle for the old adage — “A picture is worth a thousand words” — and leave it at that for the moment.
Roman Frying Pan, 3rd Century A.D. (National Museum Wales)
Stoneware jar (Photo credit: Wendy Slatterly)
Butter Keeper (Modern) (Photo credit: Francis Toms)
Mortars and pestles, Italy (Photo credit: Mario Bernardini)
Sieves (Photo credit: Wendy Slatterly)
Old Pots
Down in the Dairy (Photo credit: Wendy Slatterly)
Old Milk Bucket (U.S.) (Photo credit: Jim Frazier)
Cooking equipment and hearth, Chateau de Chillon (Photo credit: Steven Wagner)
Ice Tower (Photo credit: Wendy Slatterly)
Kitchen at Castle Beynac (Photo credit: Lawrence Rice)

And we’ll end with a bowl of bean soup, thank you very much:

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